MUSIC ensemble

We are introducing a new Musical Ensemble Class for students 9 years old and up. Participating in the Music Ensemble will allow students to develop special skills, both musical and social, that differ from soloist playing. Students are divided into groups based upon skill level so they can achieve the most benefit from the class. In a small group setting, students can express themselves more and get to know their fellow musicians easier. It builds self-confidence, teamwork and responsibility to themselves and others. And all and all it's tons of fun to meet new people and create beautiful music together! Join us for 12 weeks of fun and excitement.

Class Details:


Starting January 25th, 2022

Tuesday's 6pm - 7pm

12 Week Course / Ages 9 & Up

Minimum 1 Year (+) Playing Experience

Evaluation required for students not enrolled in the school.

Sign Up Today / Seats Are Limited!

Students will perform at our Spring Showcase.

April 16th, 2022

Directed By

Anthony Thurmond

Price: $250



We are introducing a new Musical Theatre Class for students 8 years old and up. The program is based on the principle that all of the elements of theatre—dance, acting, and music—are necessary to develop the total performer. During this class students will learn different skills to perform in Musical Theatre. We will start with theatre warm ups that help in overcoming stage fright. Students will also learn the basics of acting through Mimic, Pantomime, Monologues and Scenes. They will also learn the basic skills to sing showtunes, vocalization and will learn two musical theatre songs harmonizing with their voices. They will also learn basic movements of dances on stage.

At the end of the workshop we will have a performance of what we learned in the class.

Directed By 

Carmen Coindreau

Postponed Till Fall