Music & arts

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July 6th - July 29

Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 12pm

If the first session fills up we will open a Monday & Wednesday Class

Ages 5-9 / No Experience Required!

Directed By 

 HsinWei "Annie" Wang & Carlos Bolivar

Price $250

chamber ensemble

Chamber Music is a form of music that is composed for a small group of instruments, traditionally that could fit in a palace chamber. Because of its intimate nature, chamber music is described as "The Music of Friends". Participating in the chamber music ensemble will allow students to develop special skills, both musical and social, that differ from soloist playing. It builds self-confidence, teamwork and responsibility to themselves and others. And all and all it's tons of fun to meet new people and create beautiful music together! The camp will focus on orchestral/wind instrument piano and guitar. We will wrap up the camps with the students performing what they have learned at our Summer Music Event July 31st.

Camp Details:

July 6 - July 29th

Tuesday & Thursday 12pm - 2pm

If the first session fills up we will open a Monday & Wednesday Class!

For Ages 8 & Up /Minimum 1 Years Playing Experience / Evaluation Required!

Directed By 

Anthony Thurmond

Price: $250